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We women are sure that we can always find out about the infidelity of a loved one.

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We women are sure that we can always find out about the infidelity of a loved one. "A woman just feels kind of thing" - common among the ladies saying. Although we prefer to trust your instincts and to think that she never let us down, is it really such a delicate issue is to rely on feelings and instincts? Is it true that women are born with a strong intuition that can be trusted with indisputable certainty?
We women are sure that we can always find out about the infidelity of a loved one.

Our grandmothers trusted physical evidence and physical evidence: trace of lipstick on his collar shirt that was found in his jacket pocket a letter from his mistress. Sometimes the accusations of infidelity became irrepressible zeal working, forcing the men to spend too much time away from home ... But the days when a man's infidelity could not go unnoticed, passed away long ago! In fact, men have reached such heights in the art of deception that women had to "tune out" at the biological level and cultivate the sixth sense as a radar recognizing male infidelity. But we repeat: is the intuition for a conviction? If only there were real and irrefutable signs of adultery, reinforcing our guesses ... It is a pity that they do not exist. Or is it not so?

Missing in action .
If the favorite is so often lost on the job or in a friendly company that you want to put him on the wanted list, you really do have cause for concern. He's never home, or he constantly " hangs " in the company of old ( or new ) friends that you absolutely do not want to introduce . He needed more time to " man's entertainment," he's got a new hobby, for example , the fascination with the exotic sport to which he devotes all his spare time - instead of having to come home to be filled up in a chair with a bottle of beer and watch TV. He does not answer your calls , and calls back a few minutes later , he was at work all the time " at the meeting ." On holidays (Day of St.. Valentines , Christmas , New Year and your birthday ), he disappears from the skills that one would envy David Copperfield himself . The most common excuses : visiting relatives and rush jobs on the job.
No sex in your city.
Infidelity men certainly affects your sex life because it satisfies their desire with another woman , and elsewhere, to perform marital duties forces no longer remains . Sexual attraction between spouses is weakening , the husband reluctantly gives oral pleasure to his wife , or trying to keep a prelude to a minimum, so sex becomes routine and takes less than ten minutes. Many women notice a cooling in relations and loss of intimacy - the husband ( partner ) shy to show affection in public, avoids publicly hugs and kisses. On the other hand, if the pet has suddenly become very tender and caring , it too should alert you . Maybe he feels guilty and tries to make amends for it. Another reason for suspicion - improving sexual techniques , new techniques and postures that you have previously tried with him . In short, if your favorite shows miracles of ingenuity in bed should look at it more closely.

Cold as ice.
In the beginning of the relationship you're doing it together, so why would one day everything changes , and you spend a Saturday night at the cocktail bar with my friends or the last session - with them then? If your loved anyway , how and with whom you spend time in his absence, perhaps he is too busy with their own plans. He did not seem interested in your stories, never shares his thoughts and impressions , indifferent , refuses to discuss your relationship and all your attempts to discuss the crisis meets hostile " I have no time for this nonsense ." Sound familiar ? Perhaps his detachment can be attributed to the solution of global problems, but it is possible that his mind is another woman .

Spies .
Have you noticed that the last time favorite is a little strange , even suspicious? His phone calls are so secret, as if it were a matter of national security? Well , men are making a lot of efforts that preserve the confidentiality of the information contained in the memory of the mobile phone - to hide from you the phone numbers of other women and lewd text messages . Women often notice that men are very cautious with your phone, go talk to another room, or even the bathroom, where include water, to drown out conversation , includes vibration or set the phone password.
If you suspect a loved one is being unfaithful , pay special attention to the text messages. Let's say he gets SMSes at any time of day , and to your question, what happens is responsible innocent phrase , "Honey , I'm simply putting the phone alarm clock ." Incidentally, like passwords male installed not only in phones, but also computers. If he has something to hide, it does not allow you to even come close to your computer , so it treason, perhaps , is shown in a virtual reality. Other signs of possible infidelity he quickly collapses or closes the Internet window appears when your in a room quickly and succinctly answers the telephone , as if to stop the conversation . Of course , this is not direct " evidence " and the only reason a better look to the beloved .

Version of the new, improved and supplemented .
You've been together a long time, and your relationship has long passed the stage of courtship and effort to impress in the second half , and that's no reason , no reason , he again spends in front of a mirror and a closet for hours ! He was such a good care of yourself, so polite and courteous , so stylishly dressed - badly hurt that he was trying so hard not for you! " Well, man ... tend to dress. Smart . Sometimes " - perhaps you might think and you will be right . Should think about when you notice in his wardrobe of new clothes !
Know that men buy new clothes only when the hope that they will have to undress and linen will be appreciated and will make the right impression . Agree, for you to try so hard , he would not - we all know that men can wear shorts as long as you do not get tired of it eventually , and you do not buy them a new pair. And so , it not only updates the wardrobe ( including intimate ), but spends more time in the bathroom, taking a shower more often , especially when coming home after a long absence. If he did not come back from training , he has only one reason to immediately run to the shower - he needs to get rid of the evidence of treason !

Only friends .
Do you know the difference between friends and "friends" ? Your boyfriend is wrong or husband knows that if his affair drags on for a long time , he needs a good and convincing cover - to convince you that he has friends and friends with whom he sometimes spends time . Well, in that case , if your girlfriend will see it in a cafe with another woman. So he plays the card of " female friend." Get ready for what it tells you about a work colleague - you hear about it almost every day, but to inform you , he does not hurry up . He can talk about it as a work colleague or a friend , or try to convince you that can not stand her , but in fact the opposite is true . In any case, listen carefully and try to find out about this woman as much as possible - perhaps it comes to your opponent ! By the way , being in his office party , try to explore as much as possible from local gossips - do not worry, they are happy to share with you any of the facts and suspicions.

Tired toys .
A man comes home from work tired - that's fine , but not every day ! If he is always tired and all your comments , actions, and even silence irritating , it may also work on the " fusion " of a different kind than that of which he spoke to you . In addition , he quickly loses his temper over nothing , looking for a quarrel , which never wants to settle immediately , citing the fact that he needs to "think ." This - and any other - excuse he uses to get away from home. All that before you liked him and aroused desire , now its just annoying . It used to amuse your shortcomings , and now he puts them blame you . Maybe it's because now it entertains another woman . As you know , the best defense - attack , so be prepared for that favorite accuse you ... of infidelity ! If he starts to check entries in your phone , email, and details asks you how you spent the day , it means that he is trying to divert your attention and soothe your conscience . Maybe own betrayal caused him to suspect you of being unfaithful .
No matter how skilled men in this game , they do sometimes make mistakes . And although it is only circumstantial evidence ( every year men are becoming more cautious and inventive ) , intelligent woman enough and .скачать dle 10.3фильмы онлайн hd

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